Pace Setters - Half Marathon

Raja Marut - 2 Hr

Profession : I am an Ex Telecom Professional now accidentally turned up Entrepreneur & a Runner by Passion.

About Me : I was born on banks of the Katni River in Katni city (The Heart of India – Madhya Pradesh) grown up in Gwalior. My native is Udaipur The city of Lakes. I have been living in Ahmedabad since 2006. I belong to a Police family. I studied in Central School in many parts of country and I did my graduation from a MLSU Udaipur. I used to play Sports since my childhood & love to be a football player.

I am a Solo Traveler & love to travel a lot & love to explore new places, new people.

"Running is like meditation for me. It gives me enough time to introspect about various aspects of my life."

I'm a barefoot runner and my runner friends call me 'Barefoot Raja'. I started my running journey in 2015 when my son who is a tennis player once asked me to come along with him for some warm-up exercises. Even a short warm-up run was extremely exhausting for me. I felt despondent and as a result, I decided to practice running by setting short-term goals and soon running became my passion. I am indebted to it for giving me the highs & positivity in life along with fitness.

I got an opportunity to spread smiles across many faces as a pacer and race ambassador for many events in different parts of the country. I am enjoying my newly discovered sportsman spirit. I'm an active member of Amdavad Distance Runners Group. I have completed more than 82 Half Marathons, 12 Full Marathons & 5 Ultra runs.

You can catch me on my:- FB Page
Instagram - barefootraja
Twitter - @rajamarut
Call me - +91 9687630671
What's App me - +91 9173111046

Gopinath Dhandapani - 2 Hr 15 Min

Pacing strategy
first 10 KM 63 mins
next 5 KM 32 Mins
next 3 KM 19 Mins
Last 3.1 KM in 20 Mins

Harpreet Rupai - 2 Hr 15 Min

Pacing strategy
First 10 KM - 63 Mins
11 to 15 KM - 33 Mins
16 to 21.1 KM - 39 Mins

For any further details we can connect over Social / call / Email.
Facebook - Harpreet Ruprai
Email -
M - 7624021071

Dr Brijesh Gajjar - 2 Hr 30 Min

My name is Dr Brijesh Gajjar, Selected as Pacer for 2 hrs 30 mins in Suryam marathon ...

I am Director and Consultant at Ahmedabad's leading diagnostic chain RADISCAN DIAGNOSTICS...

I have completed officially 17 half marathons, 11 full marathons and 1 ultra marathon....

Pacing strategy
First 10k - 68 mins
next 10k- 73 mins
Last km -8-9 mins

Jyotiprakash Sharma ( JpS) - 2 Hr 30 Min

Personal Best for HM : 1:49 Hrs

M.NO. : 8511554800

Pacing strategy
1 K -10 K : 68 Mins
11 K -15 K : 35 Mins
16 K -18 K : 23 Mins
19 K -21.1 : 24 Mins

Umang Gajjar - 2 Hr 45 Min

I am your pacer for 2 Hr 45 Minutes bus for the Half Marathon.. Please join my Bus and lets Run together & finish it strong.

Pacing strategy
We will maintain easy consistent pace 7.44kms/Hr during the Run.

Pace Setters - 10 KM

Paresh Raval - 55 Min

Running Name: Tiger

Pacing Strategy:
First 5 km 27 minutes
Last 5 km 28 minutes

It will be the most amazing pacing bus with loads of fun & photos at the finish in style!!!

Viren Tripathi - 60 Min

Pacing Strategy:
1st 5 kms will be at pace of 31 minutes
And last 5 kms will be will be in 29 minutes

Dipen Patel - 65 Min

Pacing strategy for 65 mins
first 2 km in 12:30 mins
next 5 km in 29:30 mins
last 3 km in 18 mins.

Santosh Ankam - 1 Hr 05 Min

I will be helping runners to finish Suryam Marathon 10k under sub 65 mins.

Pacing Strategy:
first 3 km in 20 mins
2nd 4 km in 25 mins
last 3 km in 20 mins.

Hetal Sanghvi - 1 Hr 10 Min

By Profession I am Trained & Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant. Developed my passion in Running in year 2016 with participating in B-Safal's Half Marathon.

Till day I have officially ran 12 Half Marathon & 2 Full Marathons. Being Podium Finisher in Adani Ahmedabad Marathon in 2018 by standing Second in my age group of 30-40yrs category.

I have also Completed 100 Days of Running Challenge by running 720 Kms in 100days with Avg pace of 7'47.

Do join me if you are looking to achieve your PB in this run n i can assure you that you bus journey with me will be wonderful.

Pacing strategy: for 10k in 70 mins
first 2 km in 13 mins
next 5 km in 35 mins
last 3 km in 22 mins

DR RUCHA MEHTA - 1 Hr 15 Min

Pacing strategy: for 10k in 75 mins
First 3 km in 23 mins
Next 4 km in 28 minutes
Last 3 kms jn 24 minutes for an easy breezy finish

For people who wanna push themselves they can do that at the end!

This will include 2-3 breaks for water at 3 kms, 6 kms and possibly 8 kms.

Cheers and see you at the start !